Our Associations

FASA  The Franchise Association of Southern Africa

Mochachos brand is proud to be affiliated with the Franchise association of Southern Africa , Mochachos has adopted their Code of Ethics and Business Practices that is amongst the most stringent in the world and which remains binding to this day. It is widely considered as being among the most stringent franchise codes in operation anywhere in the world. Amended in 1994, the Code of Ethics compels franchisors to provide a prospective franchisee with the three contractual pillars of franchising, namely the Disclosure Document, the Franchise Agreement and the Operations Manual. Please click here to view FASA's Code of Ethics.

SANHA  Sanha

Mochachos & Skippers brands where one of the first franchise groups to receive certification by SANHA, realising the importance of a pure and Halaal diet in the life of a Muslim, We are proud to be associated with SANHA who’s main activity is to guide Muslims in terms of their diet and monitor various areas of the Halaal industry as a service to the Halaal-conscious consumer.For more information please visit www.sanha.org.za

Heart Foundation  Heart Foundation

Mochachos being a health conscious brand, is proud to be associated with 'The Heart and Stroke Foundation', which is a community-based organisation established to reduce the incidence of heart disease and stroke in the population of South Africa by providing education and supporting research.

Mochachos foods are generally healthier because of our flame grilled preparation methods as well as our dry spices, and we have hence launched our special Heart approved menu.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation is a Section 21 company (not-for-profit) with 18-A status, dedicated to reducing the incidence of cardiovascular disease through education and supporting research. The Heart and Stroke Foundation has 3 key focus areas:

  • Health promotion to encourage prevention of cardiovascular disease
  • Support for people who have had a cardiovascular event and their families
  • Fundraising to continue the work of the Foundation, with no government funding the Foundation raises every cent spent