During this unprecedented difficult period, all our valued Mochachos team members remain especially determined to offer you, our esteemed customers, your Mochachos high quality and freshly prepared meals.


In light of the (Coronavirus) COVID -19 challenge, Mochachos has introduced further enhanced and stringent safety, hygiene and sterilisation practices to offer security and confidence to all our guests as well as to all our Mochachos team members.

On a daily basis, our team members are educated on and informed of the importance of impeccable personal hygiene (meticulous and repetitive handwashing inter alia) and the need for further heightened sanitisation notwithstanding the fact that the virus is not spread through food. Our stores follow an exhaustive half-hourly timetable in terms of sanitising all high touchpoint surfaces such as furniture, counters, menus, card machines and doorknobs.

Even if you are in self-isolation you will not be deprived of your delicious Mochachos meal – our “Contactless” delivery service will be readily available to you.
We continue to monitor the advice of our health and government authorities and will adapt accordingly, we sincerely thank you for your valued loyalty!