International Opportunities

Since January 2012, we have aggressively laid the groundwork for international expansion of the Mochachos Brand with new restaurant development announcements in Botswana, Zambia, Mauritius and Australia.

New market expansion and further development within existing markets will continue to be dominant drivers of the Mochachos strategy over the coming years.

We are excited for the opportunity to bring Mochachos’s high-quality products to new customers around the globe.

We take great pride in the business we have built and realise that one of our greatest assets is our family of talented franchise operators. That’s why we are committed to providing new franchisees with the training and tools essential to running a Mochachos restaurant. Through our training program to the ongoing support system made available to you, you will benefit from our history of operating a recognised brand in the quick service restaurant industry. We provide support to our international franchisees through our Head Offices in South Africa and Australia.

As a Mochachos franchisee, you will benefit from our expertise and ongoing support in the following areas:


A skilled management team is assigned to assist your business in preparing and opening your restaurant and monitoring its progress. Because consistent operations are vital to the success of Mochachos restaurants, these proven operators are responsible for ensuring every restaurant in the system meets our quality and service standards. They will also offer expertise in the development and updating of your business plans.


Our training team is focused on how to exceed customer expectations and operate according to Mochachos standards. Successful operators are committed to ensuring training is a critical component of daily restaurant operations. Training will be provided for your head of operations who will be responsible for overseeing your business. In preparation, comprehensive training will also be provided for store managers.


Once a site is selected, our engineering team will provide you with guidance in developing site layouts and equipment plans.We have a variety of contemporary store designs for various retail formats available for you to leverage in the construction of your restaurant, and will help you adapt key design elements to meet local needs. On-going assistance is offered in the areas of remodelling plans, construction consultation, kitchen equipment purchasing, utility efficiency management, and special programs as needed.


Mochachos’ suppliers must meet stringent quality, value and safety standards. Our team will work with you  to approve new suppliers, local product adaptations and provide on-going monitoring of selected suppliers.


Our team will help you select restaurant equipment designed to efficiently run and manage your growing business — providing tools to help manage labour costs, track food inventory and analyse sales information by day part.